Kids’ Corner: Adventure in the Annamites!

Join us in embarking on a journey through the Annamite Mountains in collaboration with Mongabay Kids in a new series of posts on their website called Adventure in the Annamites! Mongabay Kids is a platform for kids, families, caregivers, and educators (and a partner site of the well known global environmental science news platform

This series will take you into the remote and wonderful world of the Annamite Mountains, following the activities and projects that Association Anoulak is conducting there. From discovering about the different animal species, to learning about the characteristics of some little known species we are studying, to learning about the threats on the biodiversity and how to involve local communities in the protection of the forest, ecosystems and species, Adventure in the Annamites!  aims to raise awareness among children (and adults!) about the importance of biodiversity conservation in the Annamite Mountains.

The Annamite Mountains is home to several Globally Threatened species of conservation importance at the national, regional and global level. Raising the profile of the Annamite Mountains will greatly contribute to and have implications for the long-term biodiversity conservation at the national and global levels.

Let’s start the adventure!…

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